Some History

The Janet Rucci Band builds on the folk-rock tradition with good songwriting and supportive vocal harmonies. It's a familiar blend that goes down like fine wine. The Fast As Fire CD established the band's rock credentials with tracks like "If I Cry" and "Angels in the Doorway". In contrast, the latest CD, Dangerous & Obsolete, adopts the 'less is more' approach, and pares down the band to the essentials of bass, drums, and guitars. Most notably the tracks "Bird On A Wire" and "Desire" are great examples.

The band has enjoyed airplay on KPRI FM 102.1, and KCBX FM 90, and has an open invitation to join host Rob Kimball for an in-studio interview and performance. Long story short, this is a band worth seeing. Be sure to check out the calendar for upcoming performances.


The Surf & Saddle, The Belly Up, Java Joe's, The Metaphor, UCSD's Sierra Summit, The Beach House, Miracles Coffee House, Big Daddy's Roadhouse Grill, The Carlsbad Brewery, Old California Coffee House, La Costa Roasting Company, Canes Bar and Grill, Claire De Lune, Hot Java Cafe, Lestat's, E Street Cafe, Peabody's, Bay Hill Tavern, The Saddle Bar, Swami's Cafe, Tower 13, Today's Pizza, UTC outdoor stage, D Street Bar and Grill, Linnaea's Cafe, SLO Brew, Boo Boo Records, along with a number of private engagements

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